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cova.ca is Matthew Jones, a freelance graphic designer currently working and playing in cow town Calgary, Alberta.




10.11.2012 - Contract Extension

Katalyst Technologies extends my contract for a second time as the creation and the polishing of their business applications forge ahead.

10.10.2012 - Hoodoo / Aurora Wordpress

The Hoodoo Lounge and Aurora Banff move forward with a custom Wordpress theme to replace their aging content management system.

10.05.2012 - Comtech Inventory

The Comtech Inventory application finally goes live. This system allows technicians and engineers manage inventory on communication towers with an interactive control panel.

10.01.2012 - Plumbline Wordpress

Plumbline Group of Companies moves forward to recreate their current website into a custom Wordpress theme.

07.02.2012 - Logo designs

Both the Flute and Fiddle Pub and the Clay Oven Cafe move ahead with logo designs.

06.25.2012 - Katalyst Technologies

Today I start a three month contract with Katalyst to help create the user interface for some of their internal business applications.

05.28.2012 - Comtech Tower App

Comtech approves designs for their tower inventory management system. An elegant, interactive version of their aging spreadsheet system was required to streamline their workflow.

04.17.2012 - XmarkPro GUI

Interface designs have been approved for XmarkPro's Blog Network Management admin system and thier related control panels.

04.13.2012 - Just 4 Love

Logo designs and Wordpress theme complete for the charity group Just4Love.ca

04.12.2012 - Imperium Wordpress

Imperium Inc. approves their brand new website, fitted into a custom Wordpress theme. The new site is expected to launch soon.

03.19.2012 - Nutrition First Packaging

Nutrition First approves plastic foil and box packaging designs for their retail products.

02.15.2012 - YNOT?

YNOT Digital Printing approves new designs for their website and now moves into development.

02.10.2012 - Redemption Golf

redemptiongolf.com goes live with their band new website.

12.05.2011 - Video Games!

Both elecplay.com and reviewsontherun.com have finally gone live in all their glory. Both websites are powered by Wordpress.

11.07.2011 - Video Game Nations

Video Game Nations approves design concepts for their Wordpress powered website and goes live.

09.12.2011 - Fact Foods

FactFoods.com launches their new corporate site, sporting a new design along with a new logo.

08.09.2011 - Blue Quills

Blue Quills First Nations College approves design concepts for their upcoming website, powered by Wordpress.

07.12.2011 - Alberta Electrical League

The new AEL website goes live today bearing an updated template, along with a new advertisement and member system.

05.20.2011 - Mountain View Helicopters

MV Heli launches a new website to consolidate their flight training and sightseeing tour websites into one site with an updated look and feel.

05.12.2011 - Asset West Properties

Asset West's revised website includes an improved Content Management System to more easily manage their rental properties.

03.15.2011 - Nutrition First Contest

The Nutrition First contest moves into full swing with a website and Facebook campaign to promote their free product and vacation giveaway.

01.26.2011 - The Spin 37

Edmonton Public Local Teachers no.37 approves a new community web portal to share important events, news, book reviews and other related info to members.

09.06.2010 - MV Heli version 2.0

Mountain View Helicopters moves into production of version 2 of their website. The new version will also be equipped with a fresh new look and feel.

08.29.2010 - Aurora Banff version 2.0

Aurora Banff Nightclub launches today it's next generation of website equipped with a more intuitive event and calendar system all incorporated in a brand new template.

04.26.2010 - BodyBeFit print adventure

A sandwich board and brochure combo have been completed for BodyBeFit to help draw even more attention to their outdoor bootcamps and exercise sessions.